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Welcome to ICF Online

ICF (Indian/Islamic Cultural Foundation) a NRI fraction for Socio-Cultural activities under the Patronage of Kerala Muslim Jamaath working all over Gulf countries for the last 30 years.

Kerala Muslim Jamaath

Kerala Muslim Jamaath was established to strengthen the activities of samastha. This body acts as an apex body of various other organization and institutions which were following the ideologies of samastha. Samastha remains as the apex body of Islamic scholars.

Thus on October 10th 2015, the new organization – Kerala Muslim Jamaath- became a reality at the capital city of Malappuram. Thereafter through systematic membership work, committees at various levels were formed through proper selection and the first state committee was formed on 27.02.2016.

Pravasi Vayana Monthly Magazine

Pravasi Vayana is a monthly magazine published from six Gulf Countries with wide circulation and readership. It has started publication on January 2015. Pravasi Vayana put up stories interested to all section of society including women and children which attracted with its high-quality printing and layout.

Hadiya Womens Academy

Hadiya Womens Academy is well organised study centre for expatriates women’s.